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SEE - Have you seen something suspicious or just plain illegal? Have you seen some drug activity, or heard someone talking about a crime that was committed or is going to take place, or is someone suspiciously walking around the neighborhood looking into houses? 

CARE - Would you like to take control over the changes in the neighborhood and provide a voice about what is going to going in your community? Are there activities in your neighborhood that is negatively impacting your area? Are you tired of seeing criminal activity taking place? Are you willing to care enough to speak up and make difference? 

SHARE  - Share the information you have. You can call your local law enforcement non-emergency line. Contact your local elected leaders. If you want to REMAIN ANONYMOUS you can always call CRIME STOPPERS.

Keeping Our Communities Safe

Miami Valley Crime Stoppers is a crime-solving, not for profit, charitable organization serving Dayton and the surrounding miami valley area since 1984. The primary objective of this organization is to work in harmony with the community, media, and law enforcement to solve crimes and apprehend fugitives. Miami Valley Crime Stoppers works closely with WDTN Channel 2, Miami Valley Cable Council, and Dayton Daily News to feature our “Most Wanted Fugitives” and “Crime of the Week”.

Crime Stoppers began in Albuquerque, New Mexico in September 1976 and is a partnership of the community, media, and law enforcement designed to combat crime and keep our streets safe.

Today there are some 1,200 Crime Stoppers programs in 20 countries including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Central America, and the Caribbean. These programs take tips to assist investigators with solving crimes that include homicides, sexual assaults, drug trafficking, and robberies.

Crime Stoppers programs are operated as not for profit charities and are managed by a volunteer board of directors who take responsibility for fundraising and paying rewards to individuals who anonymously call with information that helps solve crime.

Rewards are paid for tips that lead to the arrest and indictment of people charged with felony offenses. Statistics show an average conviction rate of 95%.‚Äč


Three Essential Partners

YOU! (The Community)

Citizens form the foundation of a Crime Stoppers program. There are people who serve as volunteer directors on the Crime Stoppers board with responsibility to operate the non-profit organization, raise funds and approve reward payments when crimes are solved. Members of the public support Crime Stoppers at public events and through other fundraising activities. There are also others who call Crime Stoppers when they have information that will solve a crime or apprehend a fugitive.

The Media

Local media outlets have responsibility for promoting Crime Stoppers by publicizing unsolved crimes and assisting with appeals to raise funds for the program. On an ongoing basis FOX45/ABC 22, WDTN, and WHIO broadcast our “Most Wanted”, "Caught on Camera", and “Crime of the Week” which highlights an unsolved case. We also have an on-going relationship with radio stations such as 93.7 WFCJ and 92.9 WGTZ Miami Valley radio stations. All media stations also regularly promote the special Crime Stoppers phone number (937-333-STOP).

The Police

The Dayton Police Department donates a detective to act as coordinator for the Miami Valley Crime Stoppers Program. The Coordinator maintains the office that takes tips on the Crime Stoppers phone line, Monday through Friday during regular business hours. After business hours, our phone lines are staffed by an answering service that operates out of Canada. To maintain the anonymity of our tipsters, callers are never asked to identify themselves and there is no equipment that will record voices. Anonymity is guaranteed. Those who call Crime Stoppers receive a code number that allows them to claim a reward once an arrest has been made.


Executive Board


Craig Mesure, RE/MAX Ultimate

Vice President

Claudine Waymire


Deb Armanini


Chris Elrod

Strategic Planning Director

Craig Mesure, RE/MAX Ultimate

Marketing & Fundraising Director

Claudine Waymire

Past Presidents

Michael Murray

Jim Thein

Board Members


Honorary Trustees




Annual Award Luncheon is coming up in JANUARY. Please use this link for nominations in the following categories:

  • Law Enforcement Officer of the Year
  • Student of the Year
  • Citizen of the Year


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